1. We sign Legal Contracts
  2. We offer help from Managers in every city.
  3. We have offices in Sopot, Toruń and Bydgoszcz, others are being created.
  4. We organize numerous motivational competitions (financial and material)
  5. We care about your safety - we organize free self-defence courses
  6. As the only Partner in Poland, we provide protection measures against Covid-19
  7. We offer additional insurances (NNW insurance)
  8. We give opportunities to increase your income e.g. through leaflets
  9. We help to legalize the stay and employment of people from abroad.
  10. As a licensed partner, we are entitled to bonuses in partner restaurants, e.g. Special bonuses to McDonald's.

Why you should take care of earning by working at Uber Eats?

Close your eyes and imagine your perfect job. Surely, you would like to do what you like and combine the pleasant with the useful. And you are also interested in regular earnings and a legal contract? Do you like to travel around town by bicycle, scooter or your own car, and meet interesting people everywhere? Great - you just found a job for yourself. See what else we can offer you as a partner of Glovo and Uber Eats. Earn in Warsaw, Sopot or Krakow as you like!

How to work in Uber Eats?

Our company offers you the opportunity to work as a supplier of Uber Eats or Glovo courier, and beyond. For people from Bydgoszcz, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Toruń, Wrocław we guarantee cooperation on preferential terms. We approach each contract individually, offering solutions best suited to your needs and requirements. Together we make plans that allow you to earn as much as possible. Would you like to join the group of satisfied colleagues? Apply online today!

The work of a Uber Eats supplier - your way of life

What can you expect? Deciding to cooperate with us in Płock or Poznań you will receive a set of documents and a bag with gadgets necessary for your work. We sign a fully legal contract, thanks to which you receive regular payouts, that always supply your pocket before the weekend. Moreover, we offer you a free self-defence course, as well as 7/24h support of manager - both by phone and on the spot. Couriers also receive a visor to prevent contact with germs. Now you know why the Uber Eats suppliers who signed up with us are so happy?

Is the Glovo courier job for me?

If you only have your bike, car or scooter, an active driver's license, a certificate of no criminal record and you want to earn money quickly and comfortably, then yes. Join the group of Uber Eats suppliers in Sopot or Olsztyn - receive financial benefits, given by the owner himself. Do you have questions? Check out our QUESTIONS & RESPONSIBILITIES tab - find out more. Didn't find the answer? Contact our specialists or come to one of our offices in Poland - over coffee and conversation you will decide if you want to join us. We invite you to join us!